Every day, nonprofit organizations strive to improve communities. They work hard to strengthen our overall social fabric, and improve the quality of life for people in our state, and beyond.

In Connecticut, nonprofits serve over 3.3 million people, employ over 180,000 people, and are an integral part of the state’s economy. CT Community Nonprofit Alliance (formerly Connecticut Association of Nonprofits) serves as the collective voice for over 500 nonprofits.

CT Nonprofit Alliance is a state-wide agency. Most of our members are concentrated within the greater metropolitan areas.

Members by County CT Nonprofits Members by County

Our members range financially from smaller nonprofits with a budget of less than $500,000, to large organizations with an operating budget of over $8 million. We support nonprofits with and without state funding.

Members by Annual Operating Budget
Budget # of Nonprofits % of Nonprofits
<$499K 138 27%
$500K - $999K 81  16%
$1M - $2.99M 122  24%
$3M - $7.99M 95  19%
$8M+ 69  14%
Total 505  100%
Members by Budget


We represent a diverse membership of nonprofits that focus on:

Advocacy Education Housing
Agriculture Economic Development Human Services
Animal Welfare Employment Nutrition
Arts Environment Philanthropy
Civil Rights Food Public Policy
Community Development Foundations Religion
Culture Healthcare Vocation


We invite you to learn more about how to become a member, or become a supporter of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance.