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CT Community Nonprofit Alliance (formerly CT Nonprofits) works daily to underscore the vital role nonprofits play in the social and economic landscape of our state.

We invite you to read recent articles in which we were featured, press releases we have issued, stories to which we contributed and a sampling of pieces staff have written for our members.


In the News

06/23/14 - CT Nonprofits Hosts ADA Compliance Training

06/12/14 - Operation Fuel Moves into the CT Nonprofit Center

02/25/14 - CT Mental Health Clinics Brace for State Cuts Tied to Obamacare

02/06/14 - Health and Human Services, A Mixed Bag

12/5/13 - Nonprofit Government Contractors Still Face Late Payments, Says New Study

11/11/13 - Applications Overwhelm CT $20M Nonprofit Program

10/21/13 - Wes Moore to Keynote CT Nonprofits' Annual Conference

09/17/13 - Nonprofit Conference to Highlight Innovation & New Ways to Partner for Success

08/22/13 - CT Nonprofits Welcome $20M in State Funding, but Site More Needs

08/22/13 - Malloy: Grant Requests Likely to Top Funds

08/19/13 - Fairfielder tackles toughest state job: protecting at-risk kids

08/08/13 - Nonprofits Boost Voter Turnout When They Reach Out to Clients

07/29/13 - Catherine Zeiner Joins UST Board of Trustees

06/28/13 - Family Centers Takes Over Literacy Volunteers

06/06/13 - Overwhelming Support Spells Defeat for Creation of Social Benefit Businesses in CT

05/07/13 - Fighting to preserve a safety net for people with disabilities

05/07/13 - Advocates Rally Against Cuts for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

05/03/13 - Intensive Education Academy Represented At CT Association Of Nonprofits At Capitol

04/26/13 - State Must Benchmark Human Services Programs

04/24/13 - CT Nonprofits Week Showcases the Economic & Community Impact of Nonprofits Throughout the State

04/18/13 -  CT Streamlined Nonprofit Contracting Practices Featured in National Report

03/19/13 - Report: State Should Streamline Nonprofit Contracting

03/08/13 - Connecticut Nonprofits Take to the Capitol to Highlight Community and Economic Impact

02/22/13 - Esty, Hoyer Hold Sequestration Discussion in Farmington

02/06/13 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits Responds to FY 14-15 State Budget

02/06/13 - Conn. Gov. Proposes Bonds for Nonprofit Infrastructure

02/04/13 -  Nonprofits like idea of state bond pool

01/30/13 - Nonprofits Rally to be Spared From Further State Budget Cuts

01/30/13 - Nonprofits Rally at Capitol to Protect Safety Net; Malloy Offers Plan

01/30/13 - Malloy Committing $20M to Help Nonprofits Innovate

01/29/13 - Governor to Announce New Nonprofit Funding Initiative

01/14/13 - Three from area named to magazine's 40 Under 40

01/07/13 - Mark Berardi Named to CT Magazine's 40 Under 40 List

12/11/12 - Nonprofits try again to make their case: 'We're at a breaking point'

12/08/12 -  Connecticut Nonprofits Feeling the Crunch from Malloy's Budget Cuts

12/06/12 - Nonprofit Organizations Help Boost Voter Numbers, Study Finds

12/02/12 - 'Give me your tired, your poor...'

12/01/12 - LETTER: State must realize dire plight of nonprofits

11/28/12 - Burden on Nonprofits Growing

11/26/12 - CT Charities Fret Over Danger Posed By Fiscal Cliff

11/20/12 - Another Perfect Storm

11/19/12 - CT Nonprofits Names Co-Communications Endorsed Partner for Marketing and Public Relations

11/20/12 - Human Right Activist Naomi Tutu To Keynote 10th Annual Connecticut Nonprofit Conference

10/27/12 - Nonprofit Initiative to Host Workshops

10/22/12 - Naomi Tutu will keynote CT Nonprofits 10th Annual Conference

10/18/12 - CT nonprofits upbeat despite decreased funding, increased demand

10/05/12 - Workshops on Social Media and Board Governance Offered to Area Nonprofits

10/02/12 - Nonprofits Need Help, Not Penalty

04/18/12 - Survey Reveals Nearly One-Third of Connecticut's Nonprofits Ended 2011 Fiscal Year with Operating Deficit

04/18/12 - CT Nonprofits to Host Financial Summit at UHART

03/26/12 - Proposed Hartford PILOT program warrants cautious consideration

03/23/12 - As Nonprofits Struggle, Better Data Will Help

03/08/12 - Lifting Nonprofit Voices

02/22/12 - Abercrombie Backs Increased State Aid to Nonprofits

02/17/12 - Nonprofit community-based providers comment on impact of five years of no cost of service increases

02/13/12 - CT Nonprofits Responds to Departure of Liaison

02/10/12 - Nonprofit Liaison to Depart Next Month

02/08/12 - Malloy to Add Funds to Private Human Service Providers, Nursing Home "Right-sizing"

02/08/12 - CT Association of Nonprofits Responds to the State Budget

01/09/12 - A Time of Survival - Nonprofits Brace for a Challenging 2012

01/04/12 -   Experts Say Nonprofits Can Expect Level Funding in 2012

12/13/11 - 6th Annual CT Nonprofits Weeks at the Capitol Feb. 13 - 17 and Apr. 16-20, 2012

12/05/11 - The Power of Youth: Founder of Free The Children Urges Nonprofits to Court Youth

11/13/11 - 9th Annual Nonprofit Conference Motivates Individuals, Organizations to Inspire Social Change

09/19/11 - Principles of Fundraising Certificate Program Offered to Area Nonprofits This Fall

08/10/11 -  International Activist Craig Kielburger to Headline 9th Annual Connecticut Nonprofit Conference

06/29/11 - Privatization could challenge social services nonprofits

05/19/11 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits and CBIA Release 2nd Annual Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation Study Study reveals more than 50% of Connecticut nonprofits not offering cost of living adjustment (COLA) in 2011

05/19/11 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits and CBIA release study
05/19/11 -  CT study finds nonprofit pay hikes lagging
05/02/11 - Nonprofits show value with four-day event

04/22/11 - CT Nonprofits responds to budget proposal

04/22/11 - Nonprofits Week at the Capitol (NPR)

04/07/11 - Executive Director of Shoreline Group Homes To Head DDS

04/05/11 - Nonprofits Take to the Capitol

04/05/11 - Joint Press Conference regarding the final report of the Commission on Nonprofit Health & Human Services (CT-N)

02/28/11 - Breakfast kicks off Birdies for Charity

02/23/11 - CT Nonprofits and J.H. Cohn LLP Help Kickoff the Travelers Championship Birdies for Charity Fundraiser

02/21/11 - Conn. State Association: Good Reviews on Gov’s Tax Package

12/06/10 - Governor-Elect Malloy Announces Policy Working Groups

12/06/10 - Malloy Meets with Transition Team

11/25/10 - Common goal for Connecticut nonprofits

11/24/10 - DeFronzo honored by nonprofits

11/23/10 - A closer look: Conn. nonprofits undergo tighter scrutiny

11/23/10 - 5 Shining Stars that CT Nonprofits Should be Thankful For

10/07/10 - Nonprofits skewer CT’s contracting record

09/24/10 - Group Sponsors Fundraising Classes in Ledyard

08/24/10 - Thousands of Nonprofits Face Loss of Tax-Exempt Status

08/09/10 - Small Nonprofits Face IRS Filing Deadline

07/31/10 - Nonprofits continue to struggle in state, nation

06/21/10 - In recession, non-profit agencies see volunteers increase as funding shrinks

06/20/10 - Make the Transition into Non-Profit Work for a Rewarding First or Second Career

05/28/10 - Not Good Enough to Great: Special Events Workshop Pays Off for CT Nonprofits

04/26/10 - CT nonprofits shrinking as need grows

03/30/10 - Spreading the Message to Policy Makers and the Public about the Importance of Supporting Nonprofit Work

03/12/10 - Fathom and CT Nonprofits Offer Social Media Training

02/11/10 - Fahd Vahidy Elected to The Connecticut Association of Nonprofits Board

01/27/10 - New Professional Development Opportunities for Nonprofits in Fairfield County

01/15/10 - Nonprofits: A Great Deal for the State

01/15/10 - Connecticut: He Who Transplanted Sustains

12/22/09 - Hartford Business Journal Q&A with CT Nonprofits' Executive Director, Ron Cretaro (Download a PDF)

12/05/09 - Care at nonprofits matches that by state


Press Releases

08/06/14 - CT Nonprofits and Corporation of Independent Living Awarded $1.5 Million Nonprofit   Collaborative Incentive Grant

12/19/13 - Statement on Governor Malloy’s Gender Wage Gap Task Force Report

02/06/13 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits Responds to FY 14-15 State Budget

08/05/12 - Fairfield County Foundation to Launch Educational Series with CT Nonprofits

05/08/12 - Putting a Stop to Unemployment Fraud

02/08/12 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits Responds to State Budget

12/9/11 -  Coalition Applauds Lembo's Call for Accountability and New York's Tax Package

08/10/11 -  International Activist Craig Kielburger to Headline 9th Annual Connecticut Nonprofit Conference

06/29/11 Nonprofits and Social Service Advocates Call on Governor and Legislators to Protect Vital Services for Families and Low-income Residents

05/19/11 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits and CBIA Release 2nd Annual Connecticut Nonprofit Compensation Study

04/15/11 - Connecticut Nonprofits Week to Showcase the Economic and Community Impact of 50 Nonprofits Throughout Connecticut

04/07/11 - CT Nonprofits Applauds Governor Malloy's Appointment of Board Member Terry Macy as DDS Commissioner

04/05/11 - Joint Press Release Regarding the Final Report of the Commission on Nonprofit Health & Human Services

03/03/11 - Essentials of Fundraising Certificate Program Offers Nonprofits Tools for Growth

02/02/11 - Nonprofits Support OPM’s Push for Contracting Reform

01/26/11 - CT Nonprofits Hosts Seasoned Fundraiser

12/10/10 - CT Nonprofits Intern Wins Award

11/23/10 - CT Association of Nonprofits Hosts Sold Out 8th Annual Nonprofit Conference

10/07/10 - People in Need and Taxpayers Deserve Better from CT Government Contracting System

04/26/10 - Survey Reveals Significant Increase in Demand from First-time Users of Nonprofits

03/01/10 - Search for Nonprofit Heroes Ends March 15th!

02/09/10 - Connecticut Association of Nonprofits Elects Two New Board Members

10/27/09 - 44 Members of Congress Stand Up for Nonprofits

07/20/09 - CT Nonprofits Advocates at White House

06/10/09 - Statement on CT State Budget Crisis


State of the Sector

CT Nonprofits' staff and board are often asked to comment on nonprofit trends, the state of the sector, and how funding issues affect nonprofits' abilities to deliver services. Below are articles to which we contributed insights.


10/18/11 - Nonprofits Squeezing Resources to Serve More

05/06/11 - Agencies welcome chance to join state health plan -- at the right price

04/07/11 - Malloy picks nonprofit leader to run DDS

04/07/11 - Malloy Names Terrence Macy, Ph.D. Of Madison As New Commissioner Of Developmental Services - Former DMR

04/07/11 - Terry Macy Of Madison Named Developmental Services Commissioner By Gov. Malloy

03/05/11 - Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders Prepare for Future

02/09/11 - Connecticut Nonprofit Liaison Makes ‘Significant Impact’

01/25/10 - Helping Hands in the State’s Nonprofits

01/16/10 - DCF Sending More Children Out Of State For Treatment

01/06/11 - Connecticut’s New Governor Creates Cabinet Position for Nonprofits

01/04/11 - State Rep. named to newly-created nonprofits' advocate position in Malloy's cabinet

12/26/10 - Balancing budget, meeting needs of poor will tax Malloy

12/03/10 - Nonprofits struggle to make ends meet

11/19/10 - Malloy faces first test of his relationship with labor

10/18/10 - On Thin Ice: Nonprofits On The Brink, United Way Survey Finds

10/18/10 - Nonprofits Get Creative To Make Ends Meet

09/22/10 - 'Encore Careers' Combine Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck

07/19/10 - Encore!Hartford Eases Path For Jobless Execs

07/19/10 - A Temporary Sigh of Relief for Social Service Agencies

05/11/10 - Malloy, Griebel, and Marsh Offer Ideas at Nonprofits’ Forum in Manchester

05/10/10 - Hartford Business Journal 2010 Nonprofit Heroes (presented in association with CT Nonprofits)

03/17/10 - Coalition Seeks To Offer Budget Solutions (CT Nonprofits is a proud member of the Better Choices for CT coalition)

03/06/10 - Congress urged to extend Medicaid

02/25/10 - Non-profits feel the pain of Rell spending cuts

12/17/09 - Arts Groups in Region Worry About Funding

12/10/09 - OpEd: What Kind of State Do We Want to Live In? by Liz Dupont-Diehl, Board Member

12/10/09 - Nonprofits: More Progressive Income Tax Needed To Fill Budget Gap; Hundreds Speak At LOB Against Budget Cuts

12/09/09 - Lawmakers Concerned About Gov. Rell's Proposed Cuts For Nursing Homes, Cities and Towns, Hospitals

12/02/09 - No Time To Poke Holes In Human Services Life Raft


For Our Members

The following articles were written by CT Nonprofits' staff to update members on our efforts or provide guidance. More staff-written articles can be found in our quarterly magazine, Nonprofit Advantage.

04/01/11 - Case Study: National Council of Nonprofits highlights CT Nonprofits' video program for members

04/05/10 - 2010 CT Nonprofits Weeks Show Scope of Nonprofit Role

02/01/10 - Nonprofits Included in White House Jobs Plan

12/15/09 - Results-Based Accountability: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

11/03/09 - Advocacy Made Simple with VoterVOICE

09/15/09 - Back to Basics: Sometimes the most innovative strategy is one we've had all along

07/08/09 - Division Meetings Provide Access to Key Stakeholders


Press Resources

Next time you need a resource for a story, segment or blog post, turn to the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits (CT Nonprofits). It is the largest membership organization in the state dedicated exclusively to working with nonprofits in Connecticut. As the voice of nonprofits, the association has advanced the social and economic impact of nonprofits for over 30 years.

Their staff, volunteers and members can serve as interview sources on topics such as:

  • The economic impact of nonprofits
  • Public policy
  • Nonprofit trends & operations
  • Issues nonprofits tackle such as
    • Substance abuse
    • Developmental disabilities
    • Criminal and juvenile justice
    • Children and youth services
    • Arts & culture

Click here for a more complete list of representative topics.

To set up an interview with a resource on these and related issues, contact:
Jennifer Peifer, Director of Communications  | (860) 525-5080 x1029  |

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