Connect through Social Media

The impact of social media sites has grown exponentially over the past year. CT Nonprofits recognizes the value of these outlets and aims to make them work for us and for our members.

In early 2009, CT Nonprofits started a members-only LinkedIn Group to foster
communication and cooperation among our member organizations and business
collaborators. With over 300 members and counting, LinkedIn has proven to be a
great way to ask nonprofit peers for advice and resources in an exclusive,
professional forum!

Facebook and Twitter present another way for us to connect with the greater
. These platforms allow us to reach out to and converse with not only
nonprofits, but also with everyone who wishes to participate in our community. We
will use these sites to raise awareness of and promote our Association, as well as
promote the vital work that nonprofits do every day across the Connecticut.

We encourage our members to participate in these social media sites as it signifies another means for the nonprofit community to connect with each other and unite for the common good of our communities. Together we are stronger and more effective.

We look forward to seeing the conversations that take place amongst our members on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and what it does for fostering positive, dynamic communication within the nonprofit community.

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